The world needs more people like Steve Johnson!!  Steve has helped turn my mediocre golf game with inconsistent shots into an enjoyable game with accurate consistent swings.  I have always enjoyed the game, but I must say, it is so much more fun after my few lessons with Steve.    I have learned a way to setup that has enabled me to outdrive most of the people that I play with.  Before taking lessons with Steve, I would have a poor shot and not know what I was doing wrong.  Steve has taught me several little tips and tricks so that I can correct problem shots.  If I cannot straighten my game out on my own, I simply call Steve and before the end of my lesson, my problem has been corrected.  Thanks to Steve, I have taken several strokes off my game and I feel a lot more confident when I play.  I highly recommend Steve to anyone who would like to improve their game.  

Awesome Teacher, Awesome Guy!  Thank you Steve!

Kristi Bolstad


Steve is the BEST!  I had played golf for 3 years prior to meeting Steve and was in desperate need of some intense golf instruction! Not only did he help me out tremendously, we also had a fun time. He is such a wonderful man and I am so thankful for everything he has done for me! He taught me everything I needed to know and more! I am a teenage girl who has a lot going on and he worked with my schedule and was very patient and understanding. Whether you have played golf forever or you have never played at all, he has the best process that will help you become an amazing golfer! He taught me so much about every club and every strategy that I needed to know. His prices are also very reasonable. Unlike some instructors, Steve wants to help you he takes his time and gives you his full attention and is always willing to go that extra mile to make his customers happy!

God blessed me with such an inspirational Golf Instructor!
Thanks for helping me achieve goals Steve!
- Jordan :)


Steve, Just a note to say thanks.

I have hit golf balls or played since I got home ...
needless to say not all are pretty.... but at least I can now connect with the ball 9 out of 10 times ...
also most go down the fairway and not off to the side ...  last week I made my first par on the 2nd hole.  tee shot hit the green and then 2 putted ... played with Yvonne at Elkhorn, 9 hole par 3 ... balance of the holes were not that good but at least their were 9 smiley faces ....  played there again today by myself no pars but most were 5 & 6 ... had only 1 frown ...  my putting and chipping are the pits ....  guess i will have to practice in the backyard .....please tell Ellie thanks for her notes ...  and my Mom loved the cards  she has already sent a couple of them out ..thanks again ....  hope to see you around February if not sooner ....



Steve: I would like to tell you how much I got out of my lessons with you. Everything is starting to come around, my short game is really going to be great with the additional shots you worked on with me. My tee shots are still not what I want but with your input on setup I think, in time what you showed me it will also be better, and now how you changed my putting is worth the price of the lessons just by it self. I had five days of great instructions and playing lessons from a great golf instructor. " 


Bill Wirt  
Saint Louis Mo.


Steve, I want to thank you for all your help.  Your method of slightly changing my setup and swing has really helped.  You did not overload me with technical information causing me to think  too much.  Your unique instruction really works.  You have brought enjoyment back into my game.  I highly recommend you! --

D.G. Lowe, Bella Vista,  Arkansas


Thanks, Steve, for organizing and teaching the Tai Chi golf class. I am pleased to have been a member of the first class. Combining Tai Chi with golf instruction is a novel idea and one that has been beneficial to me.  

Michael's Tai Chi instruction helps me to relax and prepare my body and mind for a round of golf.  It has given me a more positive attitude toward my game.  I no longer have the feelings of frustration, but rather accept my game with all the "miss hits."  I go home happy, pleased to have enjoyed the fresh air and camaraderie.  

Your instruction style is excellent.  You were able to analyze my defects and make constructive suggestions to correct them.  You have a very special "touch" in working with less-than-professional golfers.  Your instruction was not only very beneficial, but also done in a "comfortable" manner.  One area that has definitely improved my game is chipping.  With your instruction I now have confidence when faced with a short chip shot to the green.
I would certainly recommend this class to any "duffer" who is frustrated with his/her golf game.  And once again I do thank you for helping me to regain a more positive attitude toward my golf game.

Ed Grosshuesch


Steve, just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Tai Chi Golf classes. I am hitting my drives 15-20 yards longer and my chipping and putting has improved greatly.  The on course lessons were very helpful for course management and how to hit different shots around the greens.  The Tai Chi instructions has given me more flexibility and I am able to get through the ball better and finish in a more balanced  position.  Last week we played in very windy conditions and I shot the best score in more than a year.  There goes my handicap.

Thanks again
Alvah Snipes


Steve, we want to thank you for your patience with our golf lessons.  We both learned a lot.  Larry is learning to have fun and to FINISH, while I am working on my drives, stack and tilt and my short game.

The stack and tilt, when I focus and follow thru works perfectly for me. The most improvement for me is my short game with the tips you gave me for my 8 iron.  I have knocked off several strokes per round by learning to use my 8 iron for different shots.  We both practice the drills for putting with the dimes and closing our eyes, it is amazing how that helps us get focused.  We both have been practicing the drill with our head on the wall, hands together, to help our swings.

It was great to play the different courses and to have you with us, so we would know immediately how to fix our bad shot.  I am certain when our games need a tune up, we will be in contact with you.
Thank you again.
Carol Karnahan



I can't tell you how much help your instruction has been to my golf game. The 2 days I spent with you improved my swing and short game so much. Since I left there, I have played several rounds and have showed improvement each time I am now shooting on average 8 stokes better because of the drills you showed me that I can practice and the fundamentals you showed me that I can work on. I  nail all my chips and the putting is improving. I can now take two shots to get down instead of the 3-4 that it took me before. And I have top say, Bella Vista has some of the most beautiful courses there is. I am looking forward to getting more of your professional instruction.  

Thanks a lot,Mark Pantier



I've been trying to find the time to write and let you know how much I appreciated the time you spent with me.  I'm not sure I have the words to express how much I enjoyed our time together.... not just from the golf learning experience, but also from the extra personal activities and getting to know you as a person.  It really was a super weekend for me and one I'll not soon forget.  I would love to write to AFGS and let them know what a fine job you are doing to represent them at Bella Vista.

I also thought you might like to know.... I played a 9 hole match last night in men's league and did well.  While I'm sure I broke every one of your guidelines at some point in the round, I was able to piece together a great round for me.  I shot 3 over par with a double coming on a long par 3 due to a "pop up" into bad rough..thus a lost ball.  I was driving the ball much, much better too.... hitting every fairway, but one (it rolled about 2 feet into the rough).  You would have also been proud of my putting as I was making them from everywhere like I've never done before.  What a great feeling to stand over a putt with every confidence that you're going to make it.  Struggled some with my long irons into greens, but I'm sure I just tried to hit it too hard from the top, (push fade/slice) so I'll work on that.  I'm thinking that I allowed my right shoulder to drop and never turned the club face over, but I can't be sure.  Overall, considering I had no idea if my swing would hold up under tournament pressure, I would rate my round as an A, but still think I can, and will, do better using the basics you have given me to practice on. I also want to have my irons fitted to me as per our session.  My son tells me that his golf pro doesn't like using the extenders, but he didn't know why, so I'm not sure he would be willing to do the job for me.  In case I need to do the job myself, except for the bending, would you refresh my memory of the source you recommended when we were looking at the grips?  I'm excited to get all of that done in order to get every advantage. Thanks again Steve for everything.  I had a great experience, learned a lot in the process, and gained a friend.  Sure couldn't ask for more than that.

Jeff Musson


I highly recommend the golf instruction I received from Certified Teaching Pro(USGTF) Steve Johnson of Intense Instruction.  My wife and I were given two days of professional and personalized instruction.  We started the first day with three hours of instruction that included; fundamentals, grip, stance, proper swing, follow through, etc.  We then when out to Dogwood Golf Course and applied the lessons we had learned with Steve continuously providing helpful instruction and correcting our game as we went along.  After the round Steve critiqued our play, provided suggestions and set the itinerary for the next day accordingly.  The second day we started with three hours of instruction based on our needs that were identified from the previous day and Steve then went into more instruction that included; pitching, chipping, putting , course management and strategy.  We then went to Bella Vista Country Club and played another eighteen holes with Steve and applied all we had learned from our instruction with Steve again providing input, suggestions and corrections to our game.  

I have since lowered my handicap ten strokes because of the instruction I received.  I now thoroughly understand what I am doing on the golf course and when I have an errant shot, I know what I did wrong and what I need to do to correct and improve.  I also know that if I do encounter a problem that I cannot correct, I can go to Steve and within a few minutes, he will have diagnosed and corrected my problem.

I truly believe that anyone that wishes to improve their golf game, they should receive the instruction that Steve Johnson provides.

Joseph L. Klesen